Left handed scissors

With our scissors, it‘s all in your hands

It makes no difference whether you are a top stylist or just a beginner, our range of products offers great variety and the chance to purchase the right pair of scissors for your individual haircutting techniques. Akashi scissors are produced using a combination of age-old Japanese tradition and the latest in technology.

Nearly 145 steps are involved in manufacturing this precise tool, 95 per cent of the work is handcrafted. Only the finest high-alloy Japanese stainless steels are used to produce top-quality scissors. This is why we offer a five-year warranty on materials and workmanship.


Super Cut Cobalt




Our Super Cut Cobalt Scissors, as the name suggests, are made from very high quality VG 10 cobalt steel from Takefu, so they are guaranteed to last. You will no doubt be impressed with the very smooth cutting action and perfect cutting accuracy that these scissors have to offer. Fitted with a Hamaguri blade and a newly developed handle, the tools are also particularly well suited for slice-cut techniques. Professionals appreciate the quality of these scissors.

Material quality:  star star star star star
Hardness of Steel: star star star star star
Maintenance interval:  star star star star star
Design: star star star star star star
Comfort level: star star star star star star




Super Cut




Our range of Super Cut products offers elegant tools for the professional hairstylist. This range features an above-average level of durability and cutting life. The products are manufactured using high-quality Hitachi 440 C stainless steel, which makes the scissors suitable for any haircutting technique. By using only the finest materials, producing high precision products and integrating the latest manufacturing techniques we are able to guarantee that you always receive the highest-quality scissors.

Material quality:   star star star star
Hardness of Steel:  star star star star
Maintenance interval:   star star star star
Design:    star star star
Comfort level:   star star star star


Light Cut




Our Light Cut range features the same level of precision offered by our Premium and Super Cut ranges and delivers the best possible value for your money. The professional scissors made of high-quality Hitachi 440 A stainless steel are suitable for any haircutting technique. This line of products is designed for both experienced hairstylists and those just starting out in the field.

Material quality:    star star star
Hardness of Steel:    star star
Maintenance interval:   star star star
Design:     star star
Comfort level:    star star star